To Have Never Known

I think about heaven a lot these days — I think about it with hope. It’s not eternal life that draws me, although that goes with the territory. No, it’s the hope of seeing Him face to face — the greatest Treasure, the priceless Gift — the Christ.

Like most Catholic Christians, I often pray for the salvation of souls, so that everyone might come to know Him. To me, the greatest tragedy would be to spend a life without ever knowing Christ. He is Strength, Power, Beauty, Grandeur, Sweetness, Life, and Light. Yet, the words that sing of his attributes fall so far short of the reality.

Oh, how I wish I could share Him with all people! If only I could break open my heart so my knowledge of Him could flow out over all the world!

The essence of knowing Christ is in the heart. Those who find Him and keep Him live in a constant state of gratitude.

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